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Custom Home Building

50 Years of Custom Home Building

At Townbridge Home, we make it our mission to build long-lasting homes with unmatched quality found in every detail. We critically care for each end every building material going into your home, we plan for sustainability and durability, and we approach building with a green, future-focused mindset.

Our custom home design process starts with you and hinges on our decades of team experience in expert craftsmanship. We’re here to design with your vision in mind while introducing surprising big ideas that make your vision more complete. Let’s work together on your dream home.

Why live in a Townbridge home?

Our leadership team, their families, and so many other families around Austin live in custom Townbridge Homes because Townbridge homes are the best available. We take intimate care for the construction of every room in your home and we aim to educate home owners on what’s gone into their home, properly caring for their investment, and more.


Expert Craftsman Design

Every Townbridge Custom Home in Austin is built with our extraordinary homebuilding experience behind it. When you sit down with our leadership to design your home, we speak directly about amazing features, room design, and more so that you end up with the best home possible.


First-of-Kind Green Building

We’re proud to be one of the first builders in all of Austin to be a part of Austin’s flagship green building initiatives. Our homes are consciously built, using sustainable materials when possible, and features including ground-breaking insulation methods, heat-control windows, and solar panel power.


Elegant, Contemporary, Luxury

Our designers aim for a combined feel of classic elegance and modern features in homes. We typically build on open floor-plan concepts, our homes are filled with natural lighting and space, and every element of the home is chosen with clear intention. In short, a Townbridge Home is a beautiful home.


An Obsession With Features

Some people like to geek out a little about the features in their home. Whether that’s you or not, rest assured that our designers and builders are those kinds of people. Prepare to be surprised by how affordably you can get a modern-featured, sustainability-conscious home with all of the best trappings.

Considering a Custom Built Home?

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