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Our Story

Jacob Kohn started Townbridge Homes in 1963. Starting one home at a time, his persistence built the company from the ground up. His son-in-law, David Pollack, joined the company in 1978. David helped the company excel to new heights. Neighborhood development made Townbridge a household name. New ventures led the company into commercial development for familiar companies such as Barnes and Noble.


Townbridge Homes is now managed by David’s son-in-law, Aaron Levy. As a USGBC LEED associate and architectural designer, he is bringing a new approach. With Aaron’s green design principles, Townbridge has begun to focus on efficient and healthier home construction. He believes it is the home buyer’s right to understand the home building, buying, and owning process with full transparency.

Our Mission

Buying a home is the largest investment people will make in their lives. As homeowners ourselves, we understand what this means for our clients and take special care to insure their investments are secure. We maintain a high level of standards for the selection of materials and craftsmanship that goes into every Townbridge home. Our company is family owned and operated for that very reason. Whether it’s our entry-level or high-end custom homes, we bring the same level of attention to precision and detail throughout the construction process.


We take pride in serving our clients with well-thought design and construction. Through experience and thoughtful planning, our team of architects, contractors, and planners unite to provide the very best product. We build your homes like we do our own: with honesty, integrity, and an eye for detail. Whether on our lot or yours, we are committed to providing quality turn-key residential new construction, remodels, additions, and commercial development from start to finish.

Aaron Levy, President

Aaron Levy is a conscious land developer and green home builder here in sunny Austin, Texas. Known for his smart, efficient, and quality construction, Aaron has been leaving his mark on this city for almost a decade, creating everything from gorgeous custom homes, to thoughtfully planned, energy efficient, communities.


When he has the opportunity to step away from the daily management of multiple construction projects, you can often find him playing the piano with a smile on his face or getting in a game of Battle Ship with one of his sons. Aaron values finding time for daily meditation, yoga, gardening, and the never ending list of honey-dos from his beautiful wife, Mandy. He also loves caring for his seven chickens, and is addicted to dark chocolate.


Currently, Aaron is working on a new community that will be introducing some innovative building materials to the Austin area. As new technologies are developed, he strives to continue furthering the sustainable construction principles Townbridge Homes was founded upon.

David Pollack, Vice President

Townbridge Homes is a family business. David is the patriarch of both — the family and the business. With over four decades of construction expertise, he can always be relied on to provide a solution to the most seemingly unsolvable issues.


David is an extremely hands-on executive. You will often find him overexerting himself on the job site, five days a week, before any subcontractors arrive.


When he is not wielding a hammer or saw, he is cuddling up several of his five grandchildren with a gigantic smile on his face or chatting up a stranger while taking his new dog for a walk around the neighborhood.

Mandy Levy, Designer

Mandy uses her keen eye for design to select each and every unique component of a gorgeous Townbridge home. From modern, large scale custom homes, to customizable finish packages for our new green build neighborhoods, she ensures that each design is coordinated flawlessly to its individual space. She always maintains a direct and easy going approach to working with clients, as well as a specialized knack for getting everything she needs from the builder.


When she is not hard at work as our resident design connoisseur, she is busy wrangling her adorable three sons and practicing Pilates. She is also responsible for making sure that Aaron doesn’t enter the low blood sugar zone for everyone’s benefit.